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Booth Construction

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A: Standard Booth   (9sqm , 12sqm)

Basic fittings include   

KT Fascia board with enterprise’s E/C names     Clapboard/
Frame Wall (2.5m height)
Booth fully carpeted                                        1 Information Desk 
2 Chairs                                                         2 Spot Lights
One 220V Single-phase Socket                         Waste Basket       

The following sketch is only for reference:
B: Deluxe Booth   (9sqm, 12sqm, 18sqm)

Basic fittings include   

KT Fascia board with enterprise’s E/C names         Clapboard/Frame Wall (2.5m height)
Booth fully carpeted                                            Desk flower                                      
One Negotiation Table                                         One Information Desk 
2 Chairs                                                             2 Folding Chairs           
2 Spot Lights                                                      One 220V Single-phase Socket                         
Waste Basket                                                     Public Security                    
Public Liability Insurance

Storage Room (1m * 1m) (only for booths of 12sqm and 18sqm)

C: Raw Space (min 36m2

Exhibiting ground, p
ublic security, and public liability insurance.

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