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The 7th China International Mining Expo Sails Again

The official registration channel is open now  
After 7-year innovation and development with efforts of multi-parties, the China International Mining Expo (CIME) has developed into a grand global mining event with breadth of the entire industry chain, depth of upstream and downstream integration, and height of internationally frontier technology innovation.   
The exhibition covers the entire industrial chain including mining enterprises, geological exploration, beneficiation technology equipment, minerals processing and trading, mining industry investing and financing, and etc. CIME is one of the largest equipment trade and development platforms in the global mining industry. Since its inception, CIME has received support from thousands of exhibitors and tens of thousands of professional visitors from more than 30 countries and regions around the world. At the same time, CIME has built the package tridimensional service model of Project Development - Product Sales - Technical Exchange - Negotiation & Cooperation , which makes it the globally mining cooperation platform of Joint Discussion · Co-Building · Sharing · All Win.
Under the situation of further deepening supply-side structural reform and promoting the construction of green mines, speeding up the pace of mining equipment optimizing and upgrading, promoting the development of energy-saving and environmental protection modes,  and optimizing industrial structure & adjusting transformation and upgrading become three key engines to drive the mining industry to develop sustainably.    
This time, CIME 2020 sails again to transform the “time” of proposing the new development concept into the “situation” of high-quality development of the mining industry. Taking the highland as the foothold, new concept as the guide, and new technology as the power, we concentrate, integrate and coordinate to further promote the rapid and efficient transformation and upgrading of the entire industry, and create an efficient and mutually beneficial platform for domestic and foreign mining companies. During the expo, a variety of summit forums, technical seminars and business meetings will be held, and government leaders, authoritative experts, scholars and forum delegates will be invited for the occasion to discuss the industry transformation strategy, explore new mining trends, build a global community of the mining destiny, and open a new chapter of the global mining development.   
In June 2020, we will meet in Beijing as scheduled! We look forward to working with you to discuss new industrial development situations, explore new industrial development ideas, share new industrial development results, and promote sustainable and healthy development of the mining industry.
The official registration channel of the 7th China International Mining Expo (CIME) is open now. Welcome to visit the official website and register as exhibitors or visitors:  

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